Verizon, as millions of their customers will know, is a name synonymous with the invention of the cell phone. As the leading provider of telecommunications throughout America, they own a substantial amount of high visibility, high premium real estate with a superior credit rating for potential net lease investors. They are known to offer ten […]


When looking into the home improvement and paint industry, Sherwin-Williams has been a steady and high demand net leasing investment opportunity. Strong credit backing with low pricing tends to create positive forecasts when compared against market competition.

Mattress Firm

With a stellar mixture of multi-brand mattress bedding products and accessories, Mattress Firm has lead the way to capturing an enormous segment of market share through high quality customer experiences. Each store locale may be corporate run and owned, otherwise they are run by franchisees themselves. In any case, they are always backed by a […]


Grossing over thirty eight billion dollars in revenue per annum, FedEx is a true giant in the world of international transportation companies. Employing more than 290k employees they are pioneers in their field, utilizing state of the art delivery systems to ensure a maximum on-time distribution service. Combined with FedEx’s ability to move physical packages […]