With the stability of the retail pharmacy industry going strong, Walgreen’s remains a strong, valuable net lease investment with minimal risk. They usually go with choice corner real estate, and prefer parcels of over one acre. This might range up to two acres, given Walgreen’s building dimensions are often around 14,500 square feet on average. […]

Rite Aid

In light of the continuing strength of the retail pharmacy market, Rite Aid experiences high demand in terms of net leasing desirability. This is partly because they are still America’s third biggest retail company in their industry. While there is an element of greater risk associated comparative to a Walgreen’s or CVS chain, the company […]

CVS Pharmacy

While baby boomer and senior citizen markets are growing in numbers, CVS continues to experience growth in retail pharmacy operations. They are able to consistently offer real estate opportunities for net leasing investors, with statistical sales reaching $840 per sq. ft. per year. When compared with market sector averages around $680 for competitors, they are […]